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Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoke. Colorado is a state with generally high levels of radon gas throughout the state. Radon gas comes from uranium in the soil which on breakdown, creates radon gas. It then migrates with other soil gases into the home where it can enter the lungs. Testing is the only way to know what the radon gas concentrations are within your home. It is recommended that all homes be tested for the level of concentration of radon gas.

AXIS Home Inspections performs radon testing per guidelines of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), previously under the auspices of the EPA. George Phillips, of AXIS Home Inspections LLC, is certified with NEHA as a residential measurement service provider No. 101531 RT, and performs the testing. The monitoring devices used by AXIS Inspections are electronic monitors. They sample the air and provide a read out, with hourly averages of the radon levels, for the duration of the test. The average of these hourly readings is the test result. Axis Home Inspections can provide results immediately at the end of the test period.

The EPA's recommendations are that when radon test results indicate levels above 4pCi/L ("pCi/L" is "pico Curies per liter") remediation is recommended. Remediation is a term which means to implement strategies or to put into place certain measures to reduce radon levels in the home.


NEHA standards for short term radon testing specify "closed house conditions" for 12 hours prior to beginning testing as well as for the entire duration of the testing, which is typically 48 hours for a short term test for a real estate transaction.

The following are the requirements for "closed house conditions":

· Windows on all levels and external doors should be kept closed (except during normal entry and exit) during the measurement period. (To the extent possible, external doors should not be left open for more than a few minutes during the measurement period.)

· Do not operate fans, especially whole house fans, or other machines that bring in air from the outside or push air from inside the home to the outside. Normal operation of the heating system(s) or air conditioning system(s) is permitted. (These air conditioning systems must only recirculate interior air.)

This is a brief up description of radon gas as a health risk. For more detailed information please click on the link on the EPA website for additional radon gas information and resources: (


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